Monday, August 18, 2008


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Dear Friends and Love Ones,
Debbie and I had concluded to merge both our blogs. Now, our new blog is named NEXT. There, you'll get further updates of our journey in life. See you there and yea, feel free to drop your comments.

FIN for now.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sight seeing at CBD, Melbourne - Part 2

This is a temporally promotion booth, sets up by Telstra Corporation. We paid a short visit and there was lots of gadgets inside. They were also promoting Beijing 2008 Olympics, cheering the Australian sportsmen and women.

Along Flinders Street Station and Yarra River. There was this piccolo musician played very nice pieces at this location. I should have it video recorded. Once my video footage editing is done, I can show it to you*.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Did you notice her background? Yes! Flies... Golden flies on the building. We were so excited and began to design our photographing. Our excitement drew crowds to the location too. It was fun!

Pastor Bong really know Melbourne city at the tip of his finger. He too us to this outdoor cafes. It was a sight and experience which you rather not to miss. We both were busy taking shots.

The thing I really like about this scene is their creativity. The way they painted the wall. The way posters were pasted at the end of both buildings. I quickly fell in love with it!

Pastor Bong was squatting at the corner of this photo. Busy with his photo taking too.

We ate and snacked non stop. After close to 2hours interval of lunch, Pastor Bong and Anne to us to their friend, Maria's cafe. It is a nice-tiny cafe. I loved the ambiance of this cafe. It has such Italian touches.

Just before we left. I was drawn to these muffins. So I asked Maria permission for photo-taking. I was thankful and totally satisfied with it. I thought everything is over and waved "Bye, bye!". To my surprised, Maria quickly packed two muffins for us. And another two for Pastor Bong and Anne. She was so generous. She gave to us FREE! It was really unexpected! My pictures turn into reality!!!

Sight seeing at CBD, Melbourne - Part 1

Yesterday was my first date with Debbie after staying in Victoria for 102 days. This was made possible with Aunt Anna stepped in to babysit my three bodyguards. Thanks to Anna for being there for us.

We left to CBD (Central Business District) by catching a train. I desired Debbie to ride on train for experience and exposure purposes. It was interesting though.

After approximately half hour ride. We arrived Flinders Street Station, which is one of the main station smack right in the center of Melbourne city. We were a bit lost, not sure which direction we were supposed to head towards Pastor Anne's office...

Debbie was calling Pastor Anne to get direction. While I was busy photo taking the surrounding. Melbourne city is always fill with people. It is a super-busy city.

Pastor Anne arrived at the Station within 10minutes from her office. We then headed across the road, to Federation Square. It is a very interesting hang-out place. There is this huge screen showing Beijing 2008 Olympic. Lots of people sitting around watching the match. We witnessed all walks of life, from students to senior citizens. They were enjoying themselves despise of cold-winter weather.

After the Federation Square, we continued walking. Now, we were along Yarra River. One of the longest river. It is a very beautiful sight. As usual, lots of sea gulls flying around. They are part of the community.

The architectural design on the pedestrian bridge caught my attention. While the Melbourne River Cruises is another interesting concept. Click for more info.

Finally, the long awaited host-guest arrived! We were happy and complete. With Pastor Bong around, we now headed for lunch at Sante Dining Precinct.

Along the way, I captured a number of pictures. The bicycle bar-lock. I like the concept and design. It looks simple yet artistic. There are lots of artistic sculpture along Yarra River too.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dylan loves it...

One fine morning. While everyone was busy with their own task. Here, Dylan was sitting all by himself - enjoying this particular book.

Dylan, by nature is a smart boy. He is only 5 years old but he already knew his ambition. Every time when he was asked by whoever, he will said, "When I grow up. My ambition is to be a robotic engineer." Then, he will give you a gentle smile...

That's Dylan.

Deeply touched by him...

Dayson, my 3+ year old boy was helping the mummy on house chore. I was so impressed by him and as soon as I returned home (after picking Caylie from school), immediately I took a few shots on him.

I am totally impressed and such joy in me. Well, I guess his grandparents will be happy too to see him being such a good boy, a blessing to the parents!

Strawberry Donut

I don't usually eat strawberry but I know how to enjoy it now. Unlike back home, all strawberries here are sweet. Yum-Mee...

Wait. There is another secret to it. Dip strawberry into hazelnut or chocolate spread. It will really make your day! Try it and you will love it...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Caylie's performance

It was a sunny afternoon. Caylie returned from school. While I was video capturing the brothers. There, she did some of her stunts. Partly was influenced by Beijing 2008 - Gymnasium event.

She looks really great to me. Keep it up, girl!

Coburg Primary School hosted an event at Coburg Civic Centre. Caylie performed in this event. Joey and Ebbie with their 2 beloved were with us too. Aunt Anna-Grace was around too. But she was somewhere in the hall, busy capturing photos of Caylie.

Caylie's item was first in the list. The turn up was good. Lots of parents shown support to the school project. It was an impressive night.